Justice for Stephen Keogh

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Stephen Keogh has been imprisoned now for 8 years.  He has missed seeing his children grow into young adults.  His children have missed having an accessible father to guide them through the toughest part of life – their teenage years.  All this because Stephen was wrongly convicted of a murder he did not commit.  This website is here to present the facts as previously established, the allegations made by the prosecution, and Stephen’s defence.  It is also here to enable those who have information in relation to the original crime, or of Stephen’s defence, to provide that information – whether they have previously provided a statement to the police or any other party at the time.


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Stephen's family and friends continue to work on proving Stephen's innocence, and whilst the justice system moves slowly and deliberately everyone is committed to bring Stephen back to his family and ensuring this miscarriage of justice is quashed.  Stephen's case is one that has been taken up by a number of individuals and organisations that are committed to addressing miscarriages of justice.  They believe in Stephen, in his defence, and are positive in their assertion that this is a miscarriage that can and must be reversed.  Stephen would like to acknowledge the efforts of these individuals and organisations.


Legal advisors - Mark McDonald and Lorna Hackett, Consultant Barrister.


Inside Justice - Louise Shorter and the members of the Inside Justice Advisory Panel, including HH John Samuels QC, Tracy Alexander


University of East Anglia Innocence Project - Dr Stephen Heaton, Joe Purshouse and the students involved in the Innocence Project.    


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